Three Monitors Plus VR

Anyone running a tipple monitor setup with a G2 VR headset?

I just added a 3rd 4K monitor but I have to disable one to get WMR to connect.

not really, cannot see the monitors with the VR headset on !

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It depends on the GPU. When running VR it’s a good idea to run only 1 screen anyway. Improves performance a bit.

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It seems 4 is the limit for consumer cards.

I think the headset shows as 3 on the system display properties but that would make 5 total with two monitors active.

This has to do with the simultaneously required overall performance, especially DSC. At some point, the bandwidth is used up, and high-resolution VR in particular is very greedy here.

Just curious… my setup for non-sim activities is a laptop (with its associated screen) plus another monitor. I sim using VR and simply don’t turn on the additional monitor. My question, after reading the posts above, is: should I also UNPLUG the monitor when simming (so that it is not detected)?

I’ve heard people say it doesn’t matter much. But I don’t know.

I’ve had HDR on and off on my main monitors without noticing any difference to VR. I tend to keep the 2D sim in 1080 when doing VR. Switching around becomes less traumatic. I never switch in flight mode on purpose either. Sometimes it’s just an accident.

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I’m investigating solutions to disable a monitor when loading the sim. I have addons linker launch WMR, so it should just be a matter of adding a script before that.

I’m surprised there aren’t more people running 3 or 4 monitors + VR. :smiley:

I run 3 monitors and a G2 and it works ok, having not needing to disable a monitor. VR performance is not impacted.

In your WMR settings go ‘Mixed Reality → Startup & desktop → Virtual displays for apps’ and untick ‘Create virtual displays for classic apps that need them when mixed reality starts’ as that might help.

No issues here. G2 plus:

1 34" 3440x1440
2x 27" 2560x1440

VR mirror runs on the 34" but both other monitors can be on at the same time.

Thanks! I tried that with a reboot and it still won’t start with three monitors on. All three are 3840x2160.

That might be the problem. Easy enough to check by setting them to a lower resulution.

What refresh rate are they currently using? If you’re running into a bandwith (total pixels per second) limit, reducing that might get things working.

2@60, 1@144

Video card is an RTX 3080ti. Spec wise it supposedly supports 4 total.

What brand of 3080Ti, as some do have different DP/HDMI combinations supported?

There’s a WMR troubleshooter doc here for some things to try. One of them is to try setting the 144Hz to 60Hz just to see if it works:

Headset Display FAQs - Enthusiast Guide | Microsoft Learn

If that does end up being the solution it’ll be annoying, but you can use scripts and helpers like this to do it automatically when you use VR - ChangeScreenResolution - Change your screen resolution from the command line in Windows (

That did the trick! I had to disable “Game Mode” in the monitor to get it at 60 Hz.

I have two monitors on DP (and the G2). Another monitor is on HDMI. I think there is also another available HDMI slot.

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I just did some tests and I couldn’t detect any meaningful difference between 1 to 3 active monitors.

I was actually hoping to see some to see some magic with one monitor connected.