Three stars on ENSB Svalbard Airport in the Marketplace...anyone know why?

I’m availing myself of the Marketplace sale on all things Nordic, and I noticed that ENSB has three stars. To anyone who bought it, do you have any specific feedback about it, positive or negative, that you could share?

I haven’t tried it, but I noticed the airport seems to have a very low level of detail from the screenshots on simmarket, with very flat textures and seemingly simplistic models.

The main issue with judging it without making a purchase is that the screenshots seem to be taken with a very low level of detail in the sim, the jaggies due to no antialiasing are atrocious, so the pictures provided by the developer already don’t really help to make a positive case for it.

see for yourself.

Honestly, one of my main gripes with the marketplace is that it presents screenshots in a very clumsy and clunky way, so it’s even harder to judge if you’re buying something decent.

Not sure why it has 3 stars, but why would you buy that, when ENSB is one of the new detailed airports in the new World Update? It is done quite nicely too.

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Thanks! I hear you on the screenshots thing. Since you have to buy them to rate them, I have to assume that a few people have some genuine gripes with this.

Although, ratings are always a mystery to me. The ugliest airport in the Marketplace (in my opinion) has either 4 or 5 stars. Maybe I’ll just chalk this one up to another mystery.

Fair question! Even if I don’t buy this one, I’m still curious. Often if I see something with a lower rating in the Marketplace, I can look it up in the forums and find out why. But not so with this one, so I was just wondering if anyone had feedback to share.
I really hope we can one day get written reviews in the Marketplace.


I have just used this and it is almost impossible to land properly because the runway goes up and down sharply like a camel’s humps!