Three things I can buy scenery and plane wise with 49$

I really do t know what to buy right now since I’m really just looking at some scenery and maybe a helicopter…I have DD EWR,DCA Freeware DTW and CLE,freeware SJC,freeware cyvr,EGKK,Payware lfpo,LPLA,GMMN,Freeware eddf,simwings eddm,EDDL,Payware HOU,And a few other scenery’s (a enbr and something else) I might look at the FSDT deals, I own all the 737s,fenix,Comanche etc

Get the Victoria Falls and/or Niagara Falls scenery by Jeppeson2001 and a helicopter to explore them with. Should fit into $49!

Also get the free Manila Bay Project scenery.

Can also recommend the LA Helipads (Medical and Police are separate purchases) but you’ll want the HPG H145 and action pack to make the most of them, which is quite a lot more than $49.

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