Three windsocks 180° off from each other at NZWS Westport

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all scenery addons were disabled

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There are 2 sets of 2 windsocks at that airport, one near the hangars, one near the threshold of runway 04. Each set has one windsock indicating correct wind direction, the other one pointing the opposite direction. In each set, the orange windsock direction is correct, the orange and white windsock is wrong.

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NZWS Westport

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Third party scenery is installed here. NZA Simulations Westport. They have issues with 2 windsocks at other airports also like NZRO after WU12 . Post on the NZA discord.

nope, stock MSFS!
no scenery addon was present in my community folder when I tested/took the screenshot…

I had never heard of NZA Simulations, but looks like they have some great stuff, so thank you!

It’s okay to post this here. Even though the bespoke version was made by NZA, because it was released by Microsoft, it’s considered first-party and allowable in the Bug Reports area. (Although, most of the problem is actually with the default airport and not NZA’s airport.) Please feel free to post the NZRO bug report separately from this bug report. We don’t want to start mega-threads with multiple airports in one bug report.

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This will make it through to us on the official channels and we will correct it on the stuff we have control over.

Just a note that default win socks were added back into the sim over the top of everything else. This is why NZ now has a lot of winsock double-ups. We will update the scenery with (official and our own stuff) through the correct channels to get this sorted out.


Thanks! Will send you a DM.

I have this same issue with just about every airport, default and payware. Many others (folks in my VA) also notice this weirdness.

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There are a number of airports with this problem, but most default airports are correct. Most of the problems are with the bespoke airports where developers have manually turned them around before Sim Update 4 fixed the global problem. In this case, the problem is actually with the default airport. NZA made their custom windsocks correct, and they just need to exclude the default ones.
If there are any bespoke airports with this problem that you are aware of, kindly report them in a separate bug report.


Thanks, will do

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The SU12 beta release notes mentions some fixes, more I can’t say as I’m too lazy to look

I found those while testing the latest beta :wink:

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