THROTTLE 1 AXIS controls collective, PROPELLER 1 AXIS controls helicopter throttle

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I have a Virpil throttle with two levers, one assigned to the THROTTLE 1 axis, the other one to the THROTTLE 2 axis, this works perfectly for planes (Beechcraft Baron for instance). I also have a Virpil Sharka panel, I assigned two levers to PROPELLER 1 AXIS and PROPELLER 2 AXIS, again this works perfectly for planes (Beechcraft Baron for instance).

I have a Virpil collective, I assigned the twist grip to SET HELICOPTER THROTTLE AXIS and the main up/down axis to COLLECTIVE AXIS, this works perfectly with helicopters (Cabri G2 for instance).

Now here is the issue (easy to replicate in the Cabri) :
If I move my airplane throttle or propeller pitch controls while flying a helicopter, the one affected to THROTTLE 1 AXIS moves the helicopter collective (!) and the one assigned to PROPELLER 1 AXIS moves the helicopter throttle (!).

All piloting assistance features are off on my sim of course.

My current workaround is to have a blank profile for the devices I use for planes, and switch to that blank profile anytime I fly a helicopter to avoid conflicts.

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@Spac3Rat have you noticed that too? seems like helicopter specific assignments are not independent from other ones and it’s not great (unless some assistance features are enabled, only the collective assignment should have an effect on the collective IMHO)

I was really hoping that Asobo would change the label “throttle” to “collective” as in ALL other sims but alas sergio has let us down

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What do you mean? Helicopters usually both have a throttle (or several) and a collective… :thinking:

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@Doublelaunch yes, this part works fine! My issue is that the non-helicopter bindings also affect helicopters! In other words, my collective binding works, but the plane throttle bindings should not move the collective, and they do!

try this one, it moves the collective even though it is for plane engines… that is my “issue”

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these control option dont work for me ,i have a proper collective hardware with a throttle

me too and it works fine with these settings :

and what abour the switches and buttons on the head of the collective. do you have them assigned as well , eg enine start switch etc .,if so can you show me your assignments please ?

@coxo2436 here are my assignments for now, I still have to configure the hats, and I will probably remove autostart/autostop at some point… it’s a work in progress!


There are throttle axis specifically for helicopters.

From what I understood, there are some common assignments between fixed wing aircraft and helicopters but they are “swaped”.

So, if we set up an axis for throttle (regular throttle, that will control the collective). We need to assign the helicopter throttle instead and REMOVE any regular throttle assignments.

very kind of you for sharing thank you :wink:

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can you let me know if you sort out the engine starter switch assignment (not Autostart )Please

Yeah seems like that’s how it is, not sure if it was intentional and will stay that way, or if it will change at some point… It is kind of sad to be “forced” to create one set of profiles for fixed wings and one set of profiles for helicopters, when you have enough devices/axis to keep things separate…

I thought the fact that there are specific assignments for helicopters in the menus would allow me to have fixed wings in green, helicopters in blue, all with one set of profiles (one profile per device) and no axis competing with another…


Sure, haven’t figured it out yet, but I will post if I do, please do the same if you find the assignment somewhere else!

of course i will

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Guys by chance, I also have a Virpil collective. I assigned the Collective axis to the up down movement. It does not move.

If I go back and assign the collective to throttle axis one, it works, but sets itself back down.

Any ideas?? A conflict with something else maybe??

weird that it doesn’t move with the collective axis assignment…

regarding throttle axis one, it could definitely be a conflict with another device that has throttle assigned (a separate throttle you use for planes?), I have that issue and had to unassign the throttle from my “plane throttle” to avoid conflicts (my collective setting back down like you)

edit : be aware that the propeller pitch axis controls the helicopter throttle, that is a source of conflict too! the throttle in the 407 doesn’t seem to respond to assignments yet, so that is not an issue, but the Cabri does!