Throttle or Rudder Pedals?

Thrustmaster TPR pedals


Virtual Fly TQ6 Throttle Quadrant

If you could only have one which one would you go for?

Personally, the throttle. For me it would add more to my VR simming than a set of rudder pedals.

If you don’t have rudder pedals, get those. Then maybe the Bravo Throttle. You could have both for nearly the same cost as the individual Throttle quadrant.

Pedals really make a lot of difference. In terms of flight feel/controllability more so than a throttle. You can get away with controlling throttle/prop pitch/mix using other methods but nothing is going to give you that fine adjust feel of rudder the way pedals will.

Pretty premium kit listed but any reason you chose Thrustmaster over Slaw, MFG or Virpil? The pendular and knacker cracking action? :wink:

I have the Thrustmaster pendular rudder pedals, along with the Honeycomb Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

The rudder pedals are my favourite part of the setup, their build quality is exellent, solid metal construction feel a lot more premium than the Honeycomb products, although I love them too.

Tip, if you get the rudder pedals, and don’t mount them into a cockpit they will slide around when you use them, especially if you’re differential braking. I fixed it by buying a Playseat mat and some velcro circular pads on Amazon and velcroing it to the mat. The pedals haven’t budged a milimetre in the four months I’ve owned them.

I have the Bravo throttle and it definitely doesn’t add as much as a yoke and rudder pedals imo. The yoke and rudder pedals are what control the pitch and yaw, they move your ailerons and elevator, in other words it’s how you fly the plane.

The throttle quadrant just lets you pull a few levers. I don’t even use the trim wheel on my Bravo as I prefer the Honeycomb double button on the yoke.

Please post questions about throttles and pedals in the Peripherals section. I moved your topic there.

Agreed, pedals add so much more to the sim. As fro the reason to choose Thrustmaster TPR over the others, for me next day delivery was the major factor, several month wait for the MFG and Slaw.

I already have Virpil pedals so I’m not in a rush right now but I think my next upgrade is going to be a set of Slaw pedals.

I’ve only tried the TPR ones but am super happy with them. Currently, I only fly GA aircraft, Cessna 152 mostly but apparently they make really good helicopter pedals too as you can adjust the pedal placement and spring tension. I might learn to fly helicopters one day so think they are a decent buy if you plan to do that. Otherwise, probably can’t go wrong with either Slaw or MFG.

Depends on what you want to use it for. Ideally, you should go for both. But for me, I would go for the throttle. But this is because I only fly airliners, so mostly automated anyway, and on certain scenarios where I need rudder control, my sidestick twist Z axis movement has it covered so I don’t really need pedals myself even though eventually I’m planning to get one when I have the space.