Throttles sometimes work backwards

Occasionally in certain aircraft (think its just the ones with reverse thrust) the throttles work backwards, eg. you push them forward from idle but in the cockpit the throttles move into the reverse thrust segment instead. There isn’t any way of correcting this other than restart the flight

This happens on the A320 and the TBM 850/950 at least. Its not a setup problem as stated above, all I have to do is hit restart and everything is fine again. I’m using the TCA Airbus throttle quadrant and the logitek quadrant, both plugged in at the same time.

Anyone else come across this problem. Its annoying because sometimes you spend ages setting up the aircraft only to find you can only go backwards.

That reads like you have somehow pressed a button to toggle reverse, and that does what you describe. You push forward to increase reverse thrust.

The restart will also reset the button that toggles reverse thrust.

I think this could be it, I remember ages ago I was trying to get the logitek throttle to engage reverse thrust. When you pull the lever back they hit a stop but you can pull them back a bit further, this was classed as button “Z” which I set to toggle reverse but it never worked properly. I think I was occasionally inadvertently engaging reverse thrust without knowing it. I’ve now deleted that bind so I’ll see how it goes.

thanks for the solution.

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Does that throttle have an idle detent? If so you can set the Neutral point on your sensitivity axis to sit on the centre line when Neutral, and anything past that will be reverse.

Take a look at this:

This is what I was trying to do but I thought that “toggle reverse” actually engaged reverse thrust fully but it appears it only activates it in readiness for the throttles mnoving forward again.

I’ve now got the airbus quadrant so the a320 is simple, you just use the levers build into the throttles. for other aircraft I’ve got the left red button set to disconnect autopilot, the right red button is for TOGA but if you press them both together it engages reverse thrust at full reverse. That’s good enough for me.

It’s just a button so you can configure it to do whatever you want. Instead of having it toggle reverse thrust you could have it engage full reverse thrust when held.