Thrust control completely wrong mapping

Brief description of the issue:
Since last update power management for the King Air 350i got even worse.

Using my Thrustmaster T.16000M it is now really a burden to taxi a turbo prop on the ground or even to descelerate in the air while descending. If I pull my thrust lever on the external control all the way down to idle, it will still keep a power setting of approx. 20% Torq. When pushing the power lever just a mm to the front, it will immediately increase Torq to something around 50%.

No chance to proper handle the airplane on the ground. Have to use hot keys F1 - F4 for better control but it is very annoying to push the button, push the button, push the button, … until you finally get there where you wanna be.

If you haven’t, check and make sure your “Flight Model” is set to “Modern” not “Legacy”
If it already was, have you tried calibrating the controller throttle, and setting up the responses in the sensitivity dialogue box?

yes it is modern and I did not change anything with my controller. Everything worked prior to the update… Cannot find any setting I could make to correct those misbehaviours?

Has this aircraft spoilers? If so, you can try to use them.

Anyway what your are describing looks like if they modified the thrust scalar table and the aircraft is generating more thrust that intended at low speeds.

No the King Air 350i does not have spoilers.

I am presuming you were in the default controls and played around with the settings under “sensitivity”
in there.
Does it happen with any other aircraft?

If yes, you will need to use the Windows calibration tool to do so. if you have some money to spend, get FSUIPC7, and set your controls up through that. It is a much better tool for calibration and control then MSFS default interface.

Let us know!

No sir I did not play around with any settings in there. Just downloaded the new version and afterwards it occurred…

For me it only happens with the King Air 350i which is known to have some thrust control issues, faced them before as well, but this one is new

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