Thrust levers automatically adjust itself

I have the problem that when approaching an airport the Thrust automatically adjust itself and I can’t do anything, either increase or decrease, its completely automatic until I have landed.

I have tried with settings at both easy and true to life and it’s the same problem, even with all assistance turned off.


This is in the Cessna 172? Is the AI Copilot flying the plane?

No Boeing 787, but also had the same problem with an free A350 addon

The modded 787? Which mod are you using?

It’s the ingame 787

Ok, is there anything else that you’re not telling us? Or do you want me to continue to guess?

Well before I could control everything while flying, now there is this autopilot that kicks in,

Without a much more detailed explanation and screenshots of the PFD, there’s not much I can say…

It’s hard to give advice via mindreading.

I’m using Xbox controller

You never answered before, so do you have the AI enabled? Also, that controller might be relevant if you try unplugging it, and find the problem goes away.

Turn both A/T ARM switches to off (on the AP panel, just to the right of the AP enable/disable push button) to get manual control of throttles on the 787.

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Those buttons are off by default, I assume?

No, they are on by default if you load up your flight on a runway.

Maybe @IcedPond8966315 is starting like that, and doesn’t realise these are on?

Yes, I’ve experienced it myself. The 747 loads on the runway with them enabled too.


That actually sounds like the correct default behaviour of a modern airliner in that phase of flight.

@ResetXPDR, thanks for that. I had same thing and knew it was autothrottle and just used the button on the throttle - did not see those switches. I don’t do POHs! Cheers.

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Yes, this solved the problem, thanks!

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