Thrustmaster airbus sidestick

hi all
does anyone know how i can get the twist for rudders on the side stick to be less sensitive,ive spent hours tweaking the sensitivity settings in game and nothing changes whatever setting i set,it really is hard to taxi to runway its not smooth its like you turn in stages if thats the right description

Turn in stages? What do you mean by that? I set my sensitivity to -50%. And as long as I set my twist axis to “Rudder Axis” I feel fine.

Hi Neo

Sry my explanation isnt very good its hard to explain,if i just landed and leaving the runway and say turning right its really hard trying to turn and keep on the yellow line,if i twist it slightly or full its just the same very sensitive,i wont to be able to turn and keep on the yellow line nice and smooth without having to turn the rudder one way then the other to correct it,i have tried like i said in my previous post every sensitivity setting there is and theres no difference whatsoever,surely there must be a way to dampen them down,or is it me?

Can you post a screenshot on your rudder bindings in your controls options? And your sensitivity page as well

What aircraft are you taxiing? I’ve had the TCA stick since last Fall, and it’s actually quite dampened in terms of rudder performance. I’m constantly playing “violin” with braking and throttle up/down to get any GA aircraft to turn tightly. My performance would probably improve if I broke out the single-point braking (trigger) into differential braking, but that’s another two buttons/keys I’ve got to give up somewhere.

My guess is OP could have bound the twist axis as rudder left/right digital inputs. So any small twist movement is a full deployment of the rudder.

Hear are my settings neo,casual click im using the latest fbw dev version

This looks about right to me… And when you twist the rudder… how does it move in the curve? Is it jumping around or does it scale properly with your twist pressure?

it dosnt jump around it stays on the curve but itis very sensitive,the little dot is smack on in the middle but the slightest twist and its up the top or bottom,should the dot go slowly up and down on the curve with more or less twist?

Hmm… when you twist it slowly, it should also slowly go up or down the curve at the same speed as your twist. So if a slight twise will make the dot instantly jump to the top or bottom edge. Then there could be a calibration issue.

Check your Thrustmaster Control panel. And also do the twist. Look at your bar, and see if it also fills or empty the bar quicker than your twist motion.

ty for your time neo,im at the control panel,the rz axis as i look without twisting it is half green and half white,if i twist right its all white and twist left its all green,firmware 1.11

So it goes full green when you slightly twist it to the right? I’m not saying full twist to the right. But just slightly. That means it’s jumping around to full rather than slowly filling up or slowly emptying the bar.

Sounds like a hardware calibration issue then.

yes neo it does

You have to report this to thrustmaster support, I’m afraid. They would ask for a video. So you might need to record the hardware in front of your monitor with the thrustmaster control panel open. Then you record yourself making the slight twist movement and have them see that the green bar jumps directly to the end without you giving the full pressure.

Then can either advise you with a recalibration process or a return/exchange the hardware.

ok many thnx neo for your help,nothings ever simple eh

Today I returned the four month old TCA Sidestick back for areplacement

It had exactly the same abrupt behavior in the ground turns you describe, until three days ago when the RZ axle stopped working completely.
Apparently the potentiometer delivered its spirit.

Today I also bought the same second controller again and unfortunately I found the exact same behavior …

It seems like a bad joke to me, maybe my controllers are somehow connected with yours, I bought them in Athens, Greece

Please help me if you have found a solution to the problem yourself or as Neo advise with a report to Thrustmaster

I’ll be grateful!