Thrustmaster announces new TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition

There is landing gear knob at right side of yoke.

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I think I know what I’m going to buy for my milestone birthday

@DarkNick1 good eye. I flat missed it. Thanks.

Absolutely beautiful

Take a look at this….

Looks cheap AF…

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A trim wheel? Seriously? On a Boeing? Why wouldn’t you want to use the trim switches?

Nope, looks very authentic…
And the price isn’t going to be cheap too… :wink:

I would imagine that we are not seeing the entire product line. Just like for the Airbus, there will probably be an attachment for the throttle quadrant that includes the flap lever.

Now MSFS just needs a good 787…

Seriously, why we cant have simple yoke, just yoke! and flaps lever, quadrant level etc separately.

I wonder who decided to put Landing gear lever there…

I wasn’t thinking.

Looking forward to it; I already have the Airbus set and it works great with FBW A32NX, very smooth and precise although it’s plastic mainly, but not top notch for Boeing.

I also thought that my T16000M is high quality…until I got my Gladiator NXT.
Almost the same difference when going from a gamepad to the T16000M!

I really, really do hope this is not the release version. I can stick with my current Yoke no problem ( this one looks great but mine suits my setup better compared to this with leg space). However, that throttle is something people have been waiting for, for a long time.

Thrust Master you can win everyone over right now if you simply add one more axis reserved on the right for the flaps making it a total of 4 axis on the main unit. Everyone would spend a little more $$ for a realistic quadrant.

What I’m sure Thrust Master is doing is releasing this quadrant as a base. Why wouldn’t they? Then they could charge another couple hundred bucks for single axis quadrants sold separately.

XP72 has it unboxed:

Commercial clip from Thrustmaster:

Pre-order on Thrustmaster Shop for € 499,99 and release date will be 23. December 2021.

It looks expensive compared to TCA Airbus Captain Edition for € 249,99