Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog drivers missing

I went to the Thrustmaster tech support page, and had no problems getting the drivers for my TPR rudder pedals, and they check out in game controllers.

However, when I click on the image of my Warthog stick, it also links to the rudder pedal software, and wants to know if I want to delete them before continuing. I guess it’s just a broken link or something.

Does anyone know where to get the correct software?

You should be able to download the consolidated driver package for all your devices here…


I’ve done that. When I click on drivers, it comes up as the TPR rudder pedals drivers. OK, so I clicked on it, even though I had previously installed the drivers for the pedals under that link. It asks me if I want to uninstall the TPR pedals drivers. I do, and it shuts off. When I tried again, it seemed to recognize and install drivers for both the pedals and Warthog stick.

When I go to game controllers panel, it shows the stick and pedals as OK. I can click properties for the pedals, and they test OK. However, when I click on the stick properties, I get a brief progress circle, then the panel just shuts down. in games, the stick doesn’t recognize.

For some reason, its the same software, both for TFR and Warthogs.