Thrustmaster hotas X calibration issue solved

I’ve moved on to a honeycomb yoke since I last posted on here, but when I did have issues with my Hotas it was plugged into a Gen 3 port so you could be onto something there.

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Hi mine was banking to the left, calibration also showed that. Moved it to another USB port and it was dead center. Thanks!


Moving from a Gen3 port to a Gen 2 port solved my rudder calibration problem. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi everyone, HELP PLEASE! I just installed the 27 July FS2020 update, and now my Thrustmaster X control does some things that are very concerning. First, the plane continuously veers to the left, even after following your calibration instructions. More concerning is the fact that before the update, the aileron control also controlled the on-ground steering, with some additional control with the rudder for sharp turns. That was VERY convenient and cool, especially when taking off and landing. After the update, the aileron control (Y-Axis) does nothing on the ground, so only the rudder and brakes steer propeller aircraft, and with the left veering, take offs and landings are much more precarious. I’ve tried changing the HOTAS configuration in FS, but I can’t find a setting that works the way it did out of the box before the update. Does anyone know how to restore this basic, and very useful, steering functionality to where it was before the update, and to stop the veering. Really appreciate your help.

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Same with me. No way I can fine tuning calibration.

Same Issue, axis x right turn. Thanks everyone I will try everything to calibrate mine Thrustmaster.

while this could be true to some extent, indeed the Thrustmaster Hotas X has some design problems, so i ended up by both removing the Guillemot Driver and opening up the stick to fix the Z Rotation short-circuit happening in the stick itself. After cleaning and setting the potentiometer cables right and ensured the contacts are reliable, the Rudder/Controller problems dissapeared for now… It makes a huge difference, my landings are now A and B, not Cs anymore :wink:

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