Thrustmaster T 16000 Joystick Problem

Flight is uncontrolable. Slight movement of joystick causes crashes. Tried my joystick on my son’s system and works fine. Copied his settings on my computer and no joy! Worked at first when I first dowloaded msfs2020 but not now. Tried everything I can think off, have done reinstall and updates. No luck.
Please help!!!

Things to check:

AI Co-Pilot is off

Flight Model is set to Modern

Check Sensitivity curves in Control Menu for the stick

Also, use Windows Game Controller menu to check basic joystick recognition by Windows and that you have full movement authority on all axes, as well as green buttons to indicate none of them are sticking

Windows 10 - Not FS2020
Right click Start Menu
Click Settings
Top Right, click Devices and Printers
Right click T.16000 joystick
Click “Game Controller Settings”
click “Properties”

Test your T.16000 to see if it works and is centered.
Follow instructions to Calibrate it if needed.

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There’s also a known hardware issue on the T.16000M if you use the stick rotation (for rudder for example). It sometimes needs cleaning or it will malfunction or create random movements. You may not have this, but who knows. Tutorials available on the web to fix it.


Thanks, a Star to you.

Hi I am having an issue with the Thrustmaster Hotas X in that the dot on the sensitivity curve for the rudder twitches even when it is not been used! Indeed one only has to touch the joystick for the dot to randomly move!

Is this a common issue with this stick? And I am not clear how this can be easily resolved?