Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Flight Stick - Keep Settings Hack

A quick hack to save your Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Flight Stick on Xbox Series S/X, if you use the ‘Quick Resume’ feature you will not need to keep changing your stick settings in the controls panel.

Hopefully a fix for this and the button labels is coming!


Can you describe the issue in a little more detail?

Yes, when using the T.Flight Hotas One plugged into the console, you go to Control Options > Sensitivity to adjust the sensitivity curves to your liking, click apply and save, then the sensitivity curves are saved for that session. If you now close the simulator down by ‘quitting’ from the Xbox menu, when you start up the sim again and head over to the T.Flight Hotas One control options page and click on Sensitivity once again you will find that the curves are set back to default.

By leaving the game open on the Xbox i.e. using ‘Quick Resume’ and not quitting the game when you shut down your Xbox or switch to another game, your find that your Sensitivity settings remain untouched and do not revert to the default settings.

This is some kind of bug that resets the T.Flight Hotas One Sensitivity settings everytime you actually ‘quit’ the sim, keeping it on a ‘Quick Resume’ seems to save the settings.

I’m hoping this bug will be fixed as it’s frustrating for a lot of people who use the flight stick on Xbox, this is just a temporary solution or ‘hack’.

Hope that explians all somethingbrite :slight_smile:

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I think there are several areas in the sim where settings, flight parameters etc aren’t getting written to anywhere.
Control input settings are supposed to be saved out to the cloud (and normally would be written locally also?)
Flight set up in World map also has issues where things just aren’t saved from one tab to the next.

Open a ticket with support via zendesk. It’s the only reliable way of bringing these issues to the attention of the Devs to have them properly fixed…

This is how I would see it, Xbox has a strange caching system under the guise of ‘Blu-ray’ 'Persistent storage, my guess is using ‘Quick Resume’ it caches the settings in there and could be the reason this little hack works, hoping they will fix the other bugs with World Map but what they have achieved already with this sim is outstanding so the odd bug is to be expected on something of this scale and magnitude!

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Well, what it should do is store your control input config somewhere locally and modify that every time you edit it.
You are clearly making edits to that when you tweak the sensitivity therefore…in any sane system it would be getting saved.

Out of interest. Have you tried creating a completely new preset for the device, mapping it and then adjusting your sensitivity curves?
Would it correctly save a custom profile?

(The cloud stuff not working 100% right now I can get. The servers must be taking a hammering since Xbox launch and I’m seeing all sorts of interesting stuff myself and also reported in the forum which seems fairly consistent with server congestion)

Yes, a few times and unfortunately it’s a no go! those servers are definitely getting blasted, it will calm down though!

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