Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One - Loose Throttle


I received the Thrustmaster Flight HOTAS One today and have set this up but I’m having an issue with the throttle control. There is minimal resistance on this and so when it reaches the extremes of its arc it just falls forward the last c.15% itself and so I lose any fine control at both ends of the range (same happens but not as severe at the bottom end of the arc.

Anyone else had this issue and find it causes any problems in the sim? Is this a fault and I should just return it or is it working as designed?

Many thanks.

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I have the Hotas X, which I believe is very similar (if not the same) except for the stickers on the buttons.
Mine does the same at the extremes, but more annoyingly it has a pronounced “stop” position in the middle (at 50% throttle)
I found a few good videos on YouTube which show how to fix these.

I like it despite this minor issue, and I can easily fix that myself, so I kept mine.

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I have the One as well and that is not normal. I’m afraid you’re going to have to get a replacement.

The only place where my throttle has a bit of a wobble (i.e. can be moved without changing the input) is in the center position, where I can move the top about 5mm (1/5 inch).

Sort of pleasing to know that it isn’t supposed to do that but then means I have to send it back and I suspect I’ll have to wait ages for a replacement.
Thanks for letting me know.

Yep, 10th October expected delivery :frowning:

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Ouch. Sorry.

same issue here, not availible currently. i dont know if it makes sense to send back

I did find an easy fix for the loose throttle lever.
Simple: Two rubber bands around the base works quite well!

Please explain a little more clearly what you’re talking about please.

Hi, I’m not the OP, but have had this issue as well. The throttle lever has so little resistance that it will fall down on each side when released if you bump the hotas unit. So, it will either kill the engines or go to 100% without you pushing it! I contacted Thrustmaster customer support, and they had me send a video of the problem and photo of serial number, and they are sending me a new one. Apparently it is a problem that exists on several of the units. The way they do it is after diagnosing it, if they agree your video shows the problem exists, they will have you cut the power cord, send a photo that proves you did that, and they will send you a new unit. No need to return the old one. I just went through this over the past week, so my info is at this point current. Could change in the future of course.

I also had the issue. Haven’t contacted Thrustmaster (I may). How I ‘fixed’ it was to cut a small piece of black electric tape and place the strip on the base of the front arm of the throttle (provides resistance so the throttle does not flop forward on its own weight). Had to layer the tape piece with three layers to provide right resistance. The black color ‘hides’ the tape ok. Overall works good actually. However I may do what MarkManner wrote and get a whole new unit.



I see what you did… The rubber bands are pulling against the stick on opposite sides thereby creating the “resistance” needed. +1

Good diy idea. I was thinking the same sort of thing…

This worked pretty well, but I put a wider band elastic on it, which seems to dial the right amount of tension right in.


Genious solution. I have a minimally resistive throttle too, might give this a go. Do you need Thrustmaster elastic bands :rofl:


Could you upload a photo of how it looks below, thank you.

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Same issue here. Thurstmaster tells me this is normal behavior. Really annoying.

I have some elastic bands attached to mine as shown in one of the previous posts and yes they work really well tbh if you don’t mind how they look. I joined the bands around the back with a paperclip! A low tech solution to high tech problem. The throttle on this stick by default is way too slack IMHO. The elastic bands offer enough resistance/friction to make it feel how I’d have liked the throttle to feel by default. It is strange for a stick that has a tension adjustment knob for the actual stick that they forgot about doing the same for the throttle.