Thrustmaster t.flight hotas One spring removal

If you want a more realistic helicopter cyclic control and want to remove the centering spring and still be able to keep the stick centered when restarting or unplugging the stick I have made a cyclic centering cap for just this purpose. 3d printed , hard plastic, tight tolerances. Contact me for more information if you’re interested! Microsoft flight simulator on Xbox series s and x. Modified thrustmaster t.flight hotas One.

I am interested in your cyclic centering cap.
I am using T.Flight Hotas 4, I assume both are similar.
Would you be able to send me some info?

This was always the big advantage of FFB joysticks back in the day when they were still a thing.

You could increase/decrease/disable the centering willy nilly with the press of a menu button.

Hi iam also interested in your cyclic cap .
Iam using a T-Flight HOTAS ONE.
Could you please send me some information on you find thank you .