Thrustmaster T flight hotas X and T rudder just don't work on xbox

So, I am an XBOX user. I use MSFS on xbox series s with obv my controller when i remembered i actually have a Thrustmaster T flight Hotas X that i used on Xplane11, and also a Thrustmaster T rudder pedals. I connected them to my xbox series s, opened msfs, pressed PRESET but the “new peripherials detected” doesn’t come to my screen and obviously they don’t work. That’s strange cuz I see a lot of videos where people use the Hotas X on the xbox. Anyone can help me?

hotas one not hotas x

i’m afraid it’s not compatible as the only ones are the hotas one , velocity turtle beach and boeing yoke
at least atm

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Oh, ok. I hope for an espansion… thanks!

Topic closed as per original poster’s request.