Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X Sensitivity levels!

Good Afternoon, Evening my fellow pilots.

Anyone here uses the Hotas X? How do you find it in terms of responsiveness and Sensitivity? I’ve used it on P3D & XP11 just fine, it pitches up down, banks left and right perfectly. Now on MSFS I really struggle to find a sweet spot. Its either to sensitive or not sensitive at all. Especially when coming in to land on the A320X, around 30 to 40 feet, I try to flare…it doesn’t respond, then all of a sudden it pitches up massively. GA’s I seem to find it good, in fact, slightly better than any other sim, however for JETLINERS A320, 747…it’s a real struggle.

My question is, for those that use it, what is your sensitivity levels at?

Thank you in advance.

ALL to -50%!!


I’ll give that a try. Thanks

For me good but to day I work with PNX2119!Made in China

This seems to be the way it is with the default controls.
I had the same issues. I got FSUIPC7, and problem solved.
You can set the controls to respond very similar to FSX based sims.