Thrustmaster T Hotas One. Plane drifts to the right

Any ideas? Hoping I don’t need to buy a new one. Wondering if there is a calibration device for the Hotas One.

try control panel / device and printers / Your device here. ← right click and choose I think its the top selection that will let you calibrate your stick.

That isn’t an option on Xbox, which the post is tagged.

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When you go to the Options Controls page and look at the bar gauge for the stick’s axis, do you see if the bar is filled in further to the right indicating it isn’t centered?

Have you tried increasing the dead zone for it via the Sensitivity settings in the sim?

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I tried moving it to the dead zone in the sim but it won’t fix the issue. Ps: in the options setting, my controller seems to jitter in the “right” position while I’m not moving the stick.

I have the same issue after using it for 1 year…

I kept mine in a drawer and the yoke was cocked to the side for 6 months. That is how it happened.

Explain further here.

Mine has a bit of jitter in the stick twist axis, even when I have the stick locked, so it can’t twist (for use with pedals).

When I increase the Deadzone percentage, this jitter is eliminated in the sim.

You should be able to increase your Deadzone to 100% and totally eliminate any input from the offending axis. Obviously, you wouldn’t run it there full time, but as a test you might see what happens and back it off from there.

Are you saying if you increase it to 100% the sim still thinks it is receiving an input?

When I put it to 100% deadzone the yoke does not move. If I put it to 100% deadzone I won’t be able to use the ailerons.

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Ok, right, as expected. So, what percentage can you back it off to and still have control of the aircraft, but with no drift?

90%? 75%? 45%? 10%?

25% is how much deadzone I just tried. I also used 20% neutral. It flys a lot better but the aircraft will still turn to the right. I tried adding more deadzone and neutral but that won’t fix the small false movements the Thrustmaster Hotas One makes.

I gave that a try. But no luck.

Try this maybe it will help-

  • Unplug hotas (can be during game)

  • Move and push right stick into all corners and let it center itself after every move into the corner

  • Move and push right stick again into all corners including rudder movement (turn slightly right / left) and let it center itself after every move into the corner

  • Plug Hotas into Xbox again

Do you have a gamming controller other then the joystick to see if it has the jiggles as well?

I did try that but sadly it did not work.

I use my Xbox controller to fly when the Hotas acts up. The controller works great. Not as much realism though. My Xbox gaming controller does not jiggle.

If controller doenst jiggle then yes its probably you one of the pot’s on you stick failing…

Thanks for the info. I might need to send it to thrustmaster for repair. I will update if the problem is fixed.

This seems to be a common issue with Thrustmaster kit, as something similar is happening to my TCA Airbus stick. While looking into it, I found this post with a link to a Google Doc with detailed instructions to repair it:

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