Thrustmaster TCA Airbus sidestick X question

I see the stick allows you, through a hub on the base to use different peripherals that would otherwise be PC only. The pendular rudder pedals for example.

My question is, can you use anything in the Thrustmaster flight sim ecosystem through that hub? Particularly, the TWCS (T16000m) throttle? Or does there need to be an ‘X’ version of the component available for it to read it?

The Q&A on Amazon kept mentioning components that have an ‘X’ version being cross-compatible (Boeing, and obviously Airbus) through the hub. That makes me think it’s limited, but the pendular rudder pedals are PC exclusive, and that makes me think it’s like a universal adapter.

I posted the question on Amazon. Thought I’d cast a wide net, though.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, you cannot use the TWCS T16000M throttle on Xbox. The TCA Sidestick X is specifically designed for use with the Xbox and PC versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and while it does have a hub for connecting other peripherals, only certain Thrustmaster products with an ‘X’ version are cross-compatible through the hub. I hope this clears things up for you.

Meh…yeah, it cleared it up unfortunately. No worries, though. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until the T16000M X version. I just need more functionality out of my throttle. The analog stick and paddle rudders with the option of a twist rudder is ideal for me.

But, the TPR pedals don’t have an Xbox version? I guess it’s very limited, but not necessarily to X designated components. The manufacturer answered on Amazon that the PC version of the Airbus throttle quadrant is Xbox compatible when routed through the hub.

Oh well. I’m researching anyway. I’ll wait until I actually have the extra cash, and reevaluate options then. Seems like they’re focusing on converting the more expensive options first. Smart business rarely benefits the consumer.

From the product image, the Sidestick X supports the Airbus Throttle, TFRP pedals and TPR pedals.

I know I’m bumping a super old topic, but has anyone had any experience using their TFRP pedals plugged directly into the Sidestick X on Xbox? All the research and marketing material I saw indicates that this should work, but when I do this by connecting the TFRP to the Sidestick X using the RJ12 to USB adapter that came with the pedals, they don’t register anything in-game (either in the sensitivity settings or searching by input). The included quick start guide only mentions TRP pedals, and the online instructions PDF from Thrustmaster’s support site only mention using the TFRP pedals through the throttle quadrant.

…and an update for anyone else who finds this post - I just got off the phone with Thrustmaster support and they verified that the throttle quadrant is required to use the TFRP pedals with the Sidestick X on Xbox.

Extremely disappointing and deceiving. This requirement is not mentioned anywhere. All of the marketing directly says that the TFRP pedals are compatible, and the marketing images even draw a line directly from the pedals to the sidestick. There is literally no way to know this unless you dig 20+ pages into the manual for the Sidestick X before purchasing it, which is a ridiculous requirement. Unfortunately, I’ll have to return it and probably find a used HOTAS one to serve as a way to get my pedals connected.