Thrustmaster TCA captain pack manual thrust imbalance issue

just got mine and while it generally works, the neutral of one of the thrust levers are 1% different than the other, and during full manual thrust, even I linked the two throttles using the screw driver, it still have minor imbalance in the thrust, say left being 45.6% and right 44.2% power. does that really is unavoidable due to the design and in the real bus, will the thrust levers do perfect balance themselves?

using the FBW flypad when I manually push the levers, using the sensitivity of right throttle at 1% and left at 0% mostly they align, while somethimes during taxi it never really go full balance thrust. if I use both sensitivty at 0% it always have 0.01-0.02 difference for left and right, regardless I’ve done a few calibration runs using the thrustmaster procedure.

Just wanna see are there any software to fix or make the manual thrust more in line

Hi @KinkedoNau1,

As this isn’t a bug report with the sim I’ve moved your topic to the #self-service:peripherals category, where others can add to the discussion :+1:


I dont think it is a bug but just the controller. I also got different percentage at start with 50+1 and it differs about 2 or 3 percent. It is not a high class product. It works well modt of the time and I think you cant expect more.

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you mean neutrality at 50+1?
right thanks then, just confirm it’s not my problem

Also at takeoff when you start with 50+1, I never got both engins at this margin. One ist about 50% other by 48% etc.

You might need to do a hardware recalibration on the throttle. There’s plenty of videos on how to do them. Just make sure you press the red button 5x (once for each detents including IDLE and FULL REV)… Not 4x as the official guide seems to show.

Also, since you have Captain Pack, make sure you also move the spoilers and flaps lever as you move the throttle before pressing the two red buttons, so that you can also recalibrate the addon levers as well.

did that but the neutral position is still 1% off, now with the 1% neutrality setting on the right throttle I can do really balanced thrust adjustment with minor fine tuning during game (I would say 50% it’s because my hand did move them unbalanced due to grip position). I did missed out the spoilers and flaps at my first hardware calibration and it makes both levers either full close or deploy, and it worked after I re-calibrated them all