Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition + Logitech extreme 3D pro - anyone tried it?

Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition + Logitech extreme 3D pro

Hello there,

I have a question about the peripherals that I mentioned in the topic. Today I have only the Logitech Extreme 3D pro controller, and searching here and there I found quite interesting the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition and thought that would be a nice add-on to my setup. But I cant find anywhere if this combination would work properly. Of course, each one in one USB port would be sufficient to both work (I guess), but I was thinking in some combination, like this:

Logitech Ext. 3D — USB-A–> TCA Quadrant — USB-C → PC

Does anyone know if this could work properly? Have anyone tried any other TCA Quadrant combination with other joysticks that is not from Thrustmaster? Here where I live is quite expensive to buy the TCA, so I would like to ask here if anyone would have tried this in the past. Please share your experience if so, it would be nice to know if this is a good way to go.

Thank you all.

I have :

USB-A Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
USB-A Logitec Attack 3 modified (only one axis for steering , buttons)
USB-A DIY button box (xinmotek dual USB card)
USB-C TCA Boeing yoke + 2 TCA Boeing quadrant

I’m lucky , no conflicts , all works perfectly in MSFS

Thanks for your reply. I see, but I suppose that all this is directly contected to your PC, right? I don’t have those amount of usb available. But I have a spare USB-C, so I guess I will try to do my setup anyway. Worst case scenario I will plug both of them directly in my PC. Not sure if i was explicity in my post, but i wanna directly connect my Logitech joystick into the TCA Quadrant, and then plug only the TCA Quadrant in my PC. That would be awesome.

I will update this post if everything goes well or not. If anyone else have some more expirence with this, please feel free to share more.

I could not connect rudder pedals on TCA quadrant , they where not detected …(USB-C > yoke > 1st quadrant > 2nd quadrant > pedals)

Ok, my TCA Quadrant just arrived, and for the records, what I wanna achieve is not possible. If you plug the Extreme 3D pro into TCA, it wont be recognize as another controller. So I will have to plug both in my PC. But both works just fine.