Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Issues

  1. Throttle power output is not sync with each other. Adjustments in Sensitivity couldn’t achieve synchronised power output throughout the range of throttle movements.
  • Thrustmaster software shows that they are in sync. Either the Thrustmaster software is wrong or the Simulator is.

  • Throttle Quadrant is in the latest firmware.

  1. Set engine master 1 and 2 switch do not work. Switch is now recognised by the Simulator. But it is not performing its function of starting A320 engines.
  • The default mapping will cause the switch to have crazy movements in the Simulator. Remapping the switch do stop the crazy switch movements, but the engine will not start even though the switch is ON in the Simulator and the quadrant.
  1. Selector switch for button 7/8. The switch in the simulator will not go to NORM when I turn the switch from IGN/START. Will have to map the NORM to another switch or use the mouse and click on it.

I have the same issues… glad I am not the only one…

I am also experiencing every single one of these issues.

Take a look at the screenshots. This are my settings and they work for now. Increasing the deadzone to 10% is also possible. However, the higher the deadzone, the more difficult it is to use low trust during taxiing. I hope a future update will solve this. And indeed the fuel cuttoff switches do not work yet. And no, you can not set a button for the NORM position yet.

Have fun!

PS: Parking brake and Trim controll can be deleted from your settings. They are for future expensions and do not work now