Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Ed

I’m currently trialling MSFS2020 mainly to see how it flies on my PC and I’ve bought the above yoke. I’m going through the default settings for the stick and one of them being the park brake which it says is joystick button 7 and when I press button 7 it affirms it on screen. No matter how many time I press button 7 when I get back to the cockpit it does not operate the park brake and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve also tried assigning a different button but no good. Very frustrating.
Also periodically a message comes up on screen that my parking brake is on and I should disengage it using Ctrl+num decimal arrgh!!!
Incidentally parking brake does operate if I use the keyboard or mouse just not the joystick.

Just rebind it to something else. And please note the different terminology between Toggle, Set, Set On, Set Off. Only the correct command should be bound to certain button types.

Sorted it. I’ve now learn’t there is a difference between parking brake and the foot brake :joy:

Yeah, just like in a car. Your foot brake is the one that you brake with your foot. And then there’s handbrake which is used as a parking brake.