Thrustmaster TCA Throttle tension adjustment

So I’ve had the TCA throttle for quite a while now and am a little disappointed with the tension on the throttle. When the tension screw is set to the highest point it just doesn’t seem like enough tension as I would like. Also the clickiness of the detents doesn’t seem that strong. Fair enough this is plastic but it would be nice to have more tension so it seems like you have to force it more.

Has anyone got this problem? Would be interesting to know if someone has tried modding this to give increased tension.

I think there is no way to “fix” this. I also got it to the plus till the end. It is ok but you can not compare it for example with the Honeycomb Bravo. If it would not have the detents for Clb etc. I would use the Bravo.

I have a similar feeling when I opened the TCA quadrant from the box. So I went ahead to start tightening the tensioning screw.

Then I screwed it too hard, it snapped and it became loose. Now I don’t have any tension at all. and my throttle is sliding like it’s on ice. And to think I did this as soon as I pull it out of the box before even having the chance to use it. And I can’t request a refund since it’s my mistake.

So I’ve actually be living with using a throttle quadrant that has literally 0 tension at all. If it weren’t for the actual detent gates in the throttle, I won’t be able to let it sit to any throttle level I want. I can only position them on the detents themselves, anything else in between, it’ll just slide off.

:pensive: Now I probably have to buy another quadrant, but I’m waiting until the FBW A380X mod is released, so I can make it into a quad engine setup, the old broken one would become Engine 3-4 and the new one would be Engine 1-2 as the main. And make sure I don’t break the tension screw this time.