Thrustmaster Warthog profile

Hey guys

Finally got a Thrustmaster Warthog to replace my Thrustmaster Flightstick One.

Before I connect it I am just wondering if the game will have a default profile it will load I can start with?
There are so many buttons and want to ensure I start from a good point which I can then modify if needed.

Also, any suggestions if I should use the Target software? Will it conflict with MSFS2020?

Thanks :+1:

Hi @YodaVonBeck75,

I’ve moved your topic to the #self-service:peripherals category which is more appropriate.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy your new Warthog!

There is a default profile. I modded it to match what I use for other apps. The only problem I’ve noted (and it may be something in the sim, not TM) is that I can’t get anything to correctly work moving the view to copilot position. About once in every 500 presses (or poundings depending on how I feel at the moment!) actually moves it to the correct view. I’ve tried various buttons, switches, etc on both the throttle and joystick without any real success. Other than that, it works fine for me.
I never use the target software for this sim. It recognizes the inputs directly, and haven’t found a real good use for interjecting target on top of the sim.

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Take the Standard Setting for the Axis and go along step by step to set the Buttons and Switches. It’s a process you have to go through by yourself.
I changed it during the last 14 month several times. Last Modification was yesterday. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
If you flying the FBW Airbus and you want bind some of the FBW stuff, you clearly need to use Mobiflight. It can handle HID devices since a few weeks and I set a lot of that stuff to my Warthog Throttle quadrant.

Started by making some of the basic stuff work. Started building a profile for the Spitfire as well; wanted to be able to do the startup fully was the Warthos setup, but some of the buttons you push using the mouse cant be mapped, so settle for Battery, Engine start and mapped the throttle and propeller.