Thrustmaster Warthog Yoke and Throttle helicopter assignments for MSFS

Can anyone point me to where I can find what helicopter control assignments can be made
specifically using the TM Warthog throttle and yoke controllers for the Cabri G2 and Gotfriends Mini-500 helicopters?

For the H145 I didn’t made any different assignments. It works with the same like anything else. It’s engine 1, which control the helicopterengine.

Thankyou. However, I meant the full set of assignments used per yoke or throttlw -rotar,cyclic, collective, sensitivity settings, whether a govenor assigned etc etc.
Im quite new to this

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I use the joystick not the the yoke with the Warthog HOTAS but here is my throttle configuration for the Cabri

Toogle rotor gov switch Button 15
Toggle GPS drives Nav 1 Switch 24 (to connect the CDI to the GPS)
Toggle Starter 1 Button 21
Set helicopter throttle axis Joystick R-axis Z (reverse checked)
Collective axis Joystick L-axis Z (reverse unchecked)
Mixture axis (100 to 100%) Joystick slider (reverse checked)

Thankyou very much for this.Ill give it a try.
Much appreciated

Hello Guys, does anybody use the Warthog with the H145 helicopter please ?
I try to found any screenshoot for the key biding.
Thanks a lot