I since new update the thumbnail tool on the SDK doesn’t work for me

Any help?

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I have the exact same issue, the background tends to be darker than the original ones or how it was before. I also am only able to create a thumbnail like this if I check that I want a different camera position but leave it as is. Otherwise I just get a screenshot from my game including UI options.

Hope this helps fixing this issue, it’s very annoying to not have my collected liveries all look consistent.

I came on here to post similar. The old method of creating a new package then using inspector to grab a thumbnail doesn’t work for me since SU5. The inspector is blank.
Any tips on how to get the create thumbnail option?

Issue still remains after the latest hotfix (6/8/21).

Agreed, the thumbnails look dark and low quality. Likewise, the method of creating the new project has changed. It requires additional clunky steps and yields a worse result.

It wasn’t broken, yet someone figured it needed fixing. /shrug

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It’s working for me. What it doesn’t do anymore is choose a standard angle.
I guess people (like me) complained so much that airplane avatars aren’t people avatars, they just said, ok, we’ll let people choose the angle they want.

Essentially, you have to go to the hangar, set up the view in the hangar that you want it to look like, then capture the image. The problem is, it’s not a drone camera, so it’s hard to get a good angle that properly centers the plane.

For the darkness, maybe choose a moment when the hangar door is open? I dunno.

Also having this issue. I’ve only just started repainting though so don’t know what it was like previously.

If only ‘capture thumbnail’ had a default camera position and lighting. It doesn’t make sense to try and capture one to match the rest of the sim and it’s never the same.

I hope this gets fixed in the upcoming update. Fingers crossed.

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Issue still remains after World Update VI (07/09/21). I didn’t cross my fingers well enough it seems.

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