Thunder and lightening but where is the rain only conditions?

I’ve been trying to find rainy conditions using the world map and live weather but noticed whenever there is rain it always comes with the thunder and lightning symbol. Try it yourself. Finding somewhere with the rain only symbol is almost impossible. Almost every airport under cloud is either in cloud conditions or thunder and lightning. Something is really wrong with this.

It would’ve been helpful in the Q&A for the devs to actually explain what it is that dictates when lightning is present. Is it triggered by actual data or simply invoked when certain conditions are present such as clouds of a certain size? My guess is the latter given how many false positives there are. I too have experienced lightning in my local area when there weren’t any storms in the region but there was rain present.

They introduced a bug with thunder and lightning in patch 4.


Very good point. Must be the latter! Rain conditions are far more common than thunder and lightening yet they are almost impossible to find globally. Almost every time there are rain conditions they come with thunder and lightening. And sometimes you get thunder and lightening when it’s scattered cloud conditions. Something is really off. Ive submitted a Zendesk ticket can you do the same?

Must be a bug. Have a look on the world map and see how many times you can find thunder conditions. It’s everywhere!

They know about it and even mentioned it during the last livestream.

I’m surprised it still isn’t fixed, but apparently some people are not experiencing it.

I think rain in general is also bugged. 3 months after release, I have yet to experience heavy, or even medium rain through live weather.


Me neither

Yeap, and the weird thing is that even when I choose an airport in the world map and it shows that the weather is, for example, cloudy but with no lightning at all in the weather thumbnail, even the smallest cloud produces lightning when I fly. It is such a gamebreaking bug for me at least right now.

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Yea me to. I recommend filing a Zendesk ticket

I thought that this is the case too. It has to be totally bugged. Also I haven’t seen snow using live weather. But rain(moderate-heavy rain) is a very rare event in the sim and it shouldn’t be that way. Something isn’t right at all.