For me thunderstorm activity is not so realistic, what do you guys think? It is too bright in clouds and the clouds look strange when lightning occur. Looks like someone flashes with a huge flashlight slowly towards the clouds. Hope they will enhance that to a more realistic representation, how thunder and lightning is. Beside that great sim so far, with room for further improvements. But they are on the right track.

I was flying in the Caribbean yesterday evening, live weather, and there were storms. Fair enough, there might have been. But what I saw was very few clouds, at around 3000ft, and the occasional massive lightning shot all they way across the sky, which was mostly clear. I think this would be defined as “Few clouds”.

I didn’t look at the time for one of those sites that shows lighting activity, and I’m prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it’s depiction was distinctly unrealistic. It looked more like some very light showers would be more accurate.


It’s a known fault that there are thunderstorms even in clear skies. I think I read that Asobo have now fixed it, or are fixing it.
I agree with the OP though, in that they aren’t as realistic as I’d like.