Thustmaster t.flight Hotas one

Hello there I have just started playin flight sim I’ve been wanting to get into it but my Xbox one thru cloud gaming won’t recognize my joystick and just my Xbox controller and I can’t figure out a fix any ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you on Advance

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I don’t think any joystick would work through Cloud Gaming. Any reason why you don’t run MSFS straight from your Xbox?

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Controller only is my understanding.

because xbox one cannot do that !! thats old gen.

Like others have said, I believe that there is no HOTAS support right now through cloud gaming.

Thank you guys I was starting to figure that but wanted to confirm appreciate it

" Then, why is it on the box ?! "

In addition to the sincere warnings from you, Forum-members, for which thanks, I took the test: I also wanted to use a ‘T.Flight Hotas One’ (read: enjoy) in combination with my Xbox One X. And in order to provide myself with relative certainty, I bought 2 new copies at 2 different sales addresses.

To my regret and trouble - I am disabled - there was no mention of ‘Plug & Play’, nor was the ‘T.Flight’ recognized in any other way.
I now decided to correspond with Thrustmaster, during which e-mail conversation however, there was no indication that they were sufficiently aware that they were deriving their raison d’être from Microsoft and its Customers. And while I clearly stated that I had an Xbox One X in my possession (and not an Xbox Series X|S), it turned out that they made no difference or were aware of this difference.
For example, it was noted, I quote: “The only Flight stick we have that works on Xbox One is the T.Flight Hotas One and the Yoke Boeing Edition (NEW)”, unquote. Furthermore, one speaks of, quote: “An Xbox of any kind…”, unquote.
In short: I was left disappointed. People were not impressed by the effort that I had to make to return to the shops in order to have my previous expenses reimbursed, and a reaction was scrupulously omitted.

The most pressing question here:

“Then, why is it on the box?!” (see pictures).

If this device could only be connected to the Xbox Series X|S in working order - as is also discussed extensively on YouTube - then the text ‘Xbox One’ printed on the packaging must be omitted as incorrect, incomplete and misleading!

I would therefore like to kindly (but strongly) request both Microsoft and Thrustmaster to adjust their respective packaging label, which should be limited to: ‘Designed for Xbox Series X|S - Windows 10 & 11’.

Even without a Thrustmaster - or maybe in particular - I’m happy with my Xbox One X and the wonders that can be shown with it.

Sincerely, @fenni059

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First time attempting MS Flight Simulator, but as for the Thrustmaster HOTAS One not working, I don’t know why. I’ve owned my HOTAS One and played Elite: Dangerous on the One X for several years with no issue. The HOTAS One first came out SPECIFICALLY for the Xbox One. Now, I’m not saying there’s not a compatability issue between MSFS/Xbox One/HOTAS One, but as for Thrustmaster HOTAS One not being compatable with the One X is not believable. The only time I had an issue, was when I left the toggle switch in the back of the stick on PC instead of XBOX.

If you are flying the sim on an Xbox One, then you’re using Cloud Gaming. It’s my understanding that peripherals, other than the Xbox controller, don’t seem to function with that version of the sim.

I may be wrong, but I’ve seen comments indicating as such on other threads re: cloud gaming.

The Hotas One works fine on a Series S/X running the native sim.

Hi all,
exact same issue with my Xbox One, flight sim on cloud gaming and thrustmaster Hotas x full kit.
Rather disappointing and barely understandable.
I hope both Microsoft and thrustmaster will work on some kind of retro campatibility…