Thustmaster T16000m (+TWCS) always descending in neutral position

I switched over from a flight Yoke (which was too big and too much of a hassle for my setup) to a Thrustmaster Hotas combination (T16k + TWCS).

Basically, it all works fine, but there is one major problem : The plane always descends (heavily!!) when the Joystick is in a neutral position. I have to keep pulling back in order to maintain a certain altitude, which also makes steering left and right kinda hard. What’s wrong here? I checked the sensitivity settings - the stick is perfectly centered, there is no calibration issue. So the game must be interpreting this in a wrong way. I use the preset for this stick which is provided by the game, so I am pretty surprised by this issue.

This goes along with a problem I found with the TWCS. However it doesn’t cause it, because when I unplug the TWCS, the stick still has the same problem.

When I go to the sensitivity settings of the TWCS, the game menu shows me a fourth axis on the far right which I don’t have (R-Axis X), and it is always pulled to the maximum (to the far right). This might be for the optional pedals (which I don’t have). How do I deactivate this non existing axis?

thanks for your time and advice.

It sounds like you need to “trim” the aircraft. Setup some buttons for the elevator trim and play with those.