[Ticket 109271] Massive Elevation Error North of KUUU (Newport RI USA)

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Yes - retested, still present.

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Massive elevation error (plateu with water north of KUUU (Newport RI USA); it’s at the end of Portsmouth on Aquidneck Island.

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See the end of this report.

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Start any flight at KUUU, fly north following the terrain of Aquidneck Island - it’s actually visible even before taking off.

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Maybe it’s a submarine heading over to NUWC in Newport for sea trials?


It’s a huge conning tower then. :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It’s much worse than this. A good chunk of the state is submerged. It’s so bad, it’s difficult to identify anything in the state. All bridges are missing. IRL, the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge is visible from as far as 20 mi away. Also missing, Larry Elison’s (Oracle Corp) $140million mansion, Jay Leno’s estate, the Newport Navy Base (part named after my grandfather), the Navy War College, the Naval Underwater Warfare Center, etc.

Really disappointing …

There was a user planning to release a Pell Bridge overlay - he even had a working copy shown on his YT channel. But he’s gone radio silent since then. I asked Gaya since they revamped Block Island if they’d consider doing other VFR work for the state. They said they’d take in under consideration.

I wish someone would fix the mess. RI seems to get worse with each update. Bing Maps is apparently the problem here - it just sucks. The imagery from Google Maps is world’s better - and I mean world’s better. Most of the state is high res satellite images.

By far, MS 2020 is the worst rendition of RI in a flight sim that I have ever seen (except for Providence).

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Solved in World Update 6.

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