Tikal, Guatemala ancient city ruins

Yeah this would be lovely, more points of interest, the algorithm works great in lots of places, but in other places it makes lots of mistakes, i truly hope that the auto generation gets improved in time, but more “handcrafting” here and there would be nice too.
I was taking a flight over Tikal in Guatemala, and i didn’t expect to see the pyramid models, but i certainly didn’t expect to see what the algorithm created on it lol, breaks a bit of immersion.
I know there are many other things to solve and this is probably low priority, but a bit of attention to it would be very appreciated for those of us that want to spend lots of time just exploring.

The first pic is what the place is irl, and the second one is what it looks in the game

Oh gentrification! :stuck_out_tongue:

Upvoted; I hope they add more, too; it would be a shame to have such nice worldwide scenery but leave out so many interesting places. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Upvoted too. In the meantime though there are lots of third-party mods out there that add famous landmarks to the game.

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For such edits, MSFS should promote a scenery wiki, streamed with 24h updates, a voting system to avoid spam and trash and a filter, to filter between: no approved, rated candidate, approved basic level, approved enhanced level, approved high level


I wonder if it is possible to add points of interest with the sdk. If it is I would be willing to have a list made and mark them up in the sdk.

Some people already are making some, from what I saw in the forums. I didn’t try any yet, though.

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Any links ?

No, I didn’t save any links, just have to search, sorry.

Ok i did a little search all I could find was external things to locate points of interest not for in game.

I know I saw some for like Washington DC, and some other places?

Hello friends, I have a similar wishlist here:

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