Time and Weather not able to be changed

I am looking to change the time and weather of my flights.
I have tried creating a group and exiting (no one online, so can’t do this) as well as going offline with no real traffic.
Once I select the time I want, about 15 seconds later it defaults back to live time. Same issue with weather. The button literally slides over.
Any thoughts?

For clarification

  • In ‘choose your airport / route’ menu screen, I pick the airport I want to take off from and then try to change the weather and or time.
  • Even when I am not on multiplayer and no live traffic, the time and weather are reset

You can only get over this, by joining another group and exiting before the host leaves. No other chance.

I am flying solo though…

Do you have the weather and time set to “custom” in the “Flight Conditions” screen before you fly?

This is in the flight set up screen

Si senor. If you have that set to Live, that’s sticky and you can’t change it later.

That’s what I am saying lol.
When I am in the “set up your flight” menu, anything time or weather related just defaults to real time.
I’ve got hundreds of hours in the game, and this is the first time I am seeing this happen.
I do not have any weather related mods in the Community folder

Anything ”live” has to be turned off (multiplayer, traffic) before that option is selectable.

I tried that, and it still defaulted back still

So you turned off live, was able to set a time, launched the flight and it locked itself back to real time? Zendesk for that I’d say.

Turned live off when planning flight in the menus. I was not able to keep the specified time or weather before starting the flight.

I am seeing the same thing as the OP.

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I always click Fly on the World Map with the setting at Live Weather. Once loaded, I can change the time and weather using the Weather dialog available during flight and it sticks. For example, sometimes I want to change the time to daylight or nighttime or fair weather to a storm.

I stopped using Save/Load a year ago when I saw that Weather cannot be changed in a saved flight, so I just use Fly Again in the logbook where I can change the weather during a flight. I don’t know if Save/Load still prevents changing the time or weather because Fly Again serves the same purpose as Save/Load for me.

This seems like it’s a band-aid fix, but good to know it’s not just me.
I have the issue even if I am making up my own route, nothing from SimBrief

I found a fix! Go to Options > General Options > Data > Online Functionality && ensure this is toggled to the “on” position !!

Alas - I tried this and no change :frowning:

Have you tried to join another group,as this is the only solution,as far as I know!!
I would invite you!