[TIP] Creating VR collision mesh for mouse cockpit interaction

As part of the new VR workflow, the following allows the mouse to collide with 3D mesh in the VC.

  1. Create additional geometry around the parts you want the mouse to collide with. Only needs to be rough, not over every switch etc.

Instrument panel, with collision plane.

  1. Create an invisible material with the ‘collision’ checkbox checked and apply it to the parts in the cockpit that you want the mouse to collide with.

  1. Name the Material and Part ‘PANEL_COLLISION’.

Compile and all going well, the mouse cursor will now shift focus based on your collision mesh.


Is this also what allows VR Cockpit Focus to work? I couldn’t find any documentation in the SDK regarding this.

Yes, the panel collision mesh is required for the VR focus to work.

The original Blender to MSFS exporter we had did not export collision materials correctly to allow the VR focus to work. This has been fixed with the latest versions of the exporter.

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Thank you for clarifying that, appreciate it!