TIP: To reduce the Snow on Runways & Taxiways

Not at the sim now to take screenshots, but scroll down to the bottom and check out section “Snow, Ice, Sleet”

A few cm of snow don’t make a runway unusable. It might be the case that it’s a problem for large and heavy airliners but with a small prop plane for example it doesn’t really matter. Of course you won’t want to have a strong crosswind or land slope down but a C172 and 2 people inside with 2-3cm of snow is really no issue at all on a (in our case) 700m runway.

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That’s a different situation. The pictures above, show snow on runway while it’s not snowing …

Your question was : “If there’s snow on the runway like in the pictures how can planes land?” and the video shows you how.

Great,but just for default airports ?

I tried it at Orbx LOWI and it didn’t work. Can’t speak for other Payware airports as I’ve not tested.

Any chance to change this somewhere in a .json so it stays each time we start the sim without having to go into dev mod ? or does it stay when you exit devmod and sim ?

Thanks and congratulations for finding out ! very smart.

It “should” remember … Try it and see…

We should have snow plows in the sim. They could join the other vehicles on the runways!

Just landed in Aspen, what the hell is this? The snow needs to go


Do you have any custom ground marking scenery installed? I just bought the REX ground markings for this reason so I hope you’re not using REX haha!

Me? I have nothing besides the WT Citation and G3000 mod.

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