TIP: To reduce the Snow on Runways & Taxiways

Snow on runway can be unrealstic, few runways do not get coated with snow.
MSFS does not see to simulate an Snow Clearing, and it is hit-or-miss how much snow accumulate on different textures.

One way to improve this, and to remove the snow on Runways, is to turn off Airport:Color in the Dev menu

Not idea, but at least you can then see the Runways & taxiways, with some sort of SIM Simulated snow clearance. :flight_arrival:

Normal: Airport Color ON


Setting Airport Color OFF

Not perfect, but maybe a useful compromize


Interesting find, thanks for sharing!

Did you test at default airport?

I just tried at Orbx LOWI but saw no visual change when switching between on and off for that setting:

Test was done at KMTN, a default airport.

Who know what trick & work around Orbx might be using when generating Scenery !!,
I CUSTOM scenery “maybe” could have the option to clear the runways & taxiways of snow, with some form of “option switch” ??

Only Asobo could think snow on taxiways and runway could be cool. Thanks for your input.


I tried at CYUY a default airport and it did indeed make the runways/taxiways a lot more realistic in regards to snow cover. Seems 3rd Party airports such as Orbx LOWI handle this in a different way.

There appears to be some visual glitches on the runway though when above:

Well it actually IS realistic and cool… at my local airport/aerodrome if there is snow on the grass then there is snow on the runway. Only commercial airports clear snow and probably only the larger ones in many areas. So they would have to make a decision which ones to clear.

A suggestion would be controlled airports with more than 6000ft of runway, for example.


I suspect that Asobo has enough more important things to do, that worry about a little Snow.

At least there may be a few “work arounds” while we wait for a more formal solution from Asobo.

Posting this so that others know there’s an existing topic with feedback-logged about having snow removed from runways, aprons, and roads.


If there’s snow on the runway like in the pictures how can planes land?

Thanks for referencing the WISH Topic.

That is obviously the LONG Term, and far more complex solution.
This topic was a TIP for a possible temporary work around.

The simulation of Snow, its accumulation, melting, manual removal, is most likely a very complex thing to simulate, especially if Asobo is going to add, or allow 3rd party devs to add, AI Snow Plows at Airport ( 2028 maybe ? )

With Snow Skis !!

That’s if you can make out the runway, and not plow into the runway lights !

They certainly have… but if they’ll ever get bored… after “we need trains” and “real time street traffic”… maybe they can do something about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I suggest wheels down?

We always land on snow if there is snow… It’s been a while though…

Will be interesting to see what XP12 does in this area.

Nothing like a little healthy competition between Flight Simulators, to keep them advancing , and constantly improving.


Wow,so funny. Thanks for your input.

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Yup, I like the snow textures of P3D. They look a bit like the runway has been cleared but not like it had a floor heating…

REX Ground Textures handles snow on the runways pretty nicely.

I’ve been seeing those crisscrossing lines before. They are not related to your fix. They look like lights reflecting on the ground.

How does REX do it?

Ahh okay. I only see them with the OPs work around applied, not seen them before.