Tips on getting the f18 to 1100mph?

Hello! I did my flight last night from Spain to Seattle, (no achievement I crashed when really dark clouds came over the runway) and I made the flight in 7 hours and 6 minutes with 1 missed approach ( thanks atc for telling me to go around 2 feet from the runway…)
I set my afterburners to full at 30FL but I only got 700-720 knots. But it never got to 1000mph. (I also did no damage and unlimited fuel for the flight, so the afterburners wouldn’t be destroyed)

Any tips for coaxing the f18 into quad digits?

You’re watching IAS (indicated air speed) not TAS (true airspeed) , GS (ground speed) or Mach number. The air at altitude is substantially thinner than sea level and your indicated airspeed will never reflect your actual rate of travel through the air or across the ground.

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Press the button indicated 1 until ‘SUPT’ appears above it, then 2 to display the HSI.

The numbers in the centre are true airspeed (T) and groundspeed (G).



Or go to external view with gauges on and look at the bottom of the speed ribbon for your true airspeed.

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A hornet cannot ramp up to 1100mph on her dials, the indicated air speed will always stop at 700-800 knots.
The max speed is 1.915 km/h which is 1200mph but only when measured in ground speed. You can see the ground speed on a GPS navigation screen somewhere.

She can also fly this speed only on higher flight levels with thin air, not on low-altitude flights.

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Get up high and keep the payload low.

Go high and do a steep dive

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