TJIG to TNCM in the Kodiak

Did another bat juice run this afternoon - San Juan to Princess Julianna. The owner of The Sunset Bar and Grill on Maho is a buddy of mine. I flew out of TJIG to avoid the higher cost of the big international airport. Initial weather was low clouds and showers, but cruising at 12,000’ got me above that soon enough. The weather cleared nicely after a bit, giving some nice ocean views. I picked 12,000’ because it’s high enough to save fuel, but not so high that my copilot and I have to use O2. Of course, part of my fee is dinner for two and free drinks for me for the evening. (My copilot always drinks free anyway. :wink: )

Leaving Dominicci (TJIG)

Being nice and avoiding TJSJ

Just about the perfect cruise setup

Passing Cyril King

Finally leaving the weather behind

Dropping into TNCM with Saba off in the distance

Just about dead on - AOA centered in the crosshairs

Just called my buddy and he said the truck’s on its way.