TJSJ Scenery Issues

Description: TJSJ trees on airport scenery runway 8 and in some parts of the terminal that shouldn’t be there.

Screenshots of the issue encountered:
TJSJ Scenery Issue 1
TJSJ Scenery Issue 2
TJSJ Scenery Issue 3

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: From microsoft msfs store uninstalled and installed to check issue is resolve with the same result trees on the runway.

Hi @LuRoCkPR,

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I’ve moved your post to the Scenery & Airports category, as it seems to be the most appropriate one for your issue. Please in the future ensure that you do not delete the bug report template when posting in the bug reporting category.

Can you confirm if you have removed all mods and addons from your simulator when experiencing this issue? I’ve just loaded into the default TJSJ scenery and don’t have the same issue that you’re reporting.

I have LVFR’s addon for this scenery. My arrival yesterday showed a very lot of pink textures all over the place.

I removed all addons a I still get trees, Ibeen on this since yesterday with no results :cry:

Are you under SU14 or SU15B ?

Not sure, how can I check that? … On top of the screenshot is that the version Im in?

Thanks, on the top left, it says that means you are under SU14 version, not the Beta then.
@Chewwy94 are you under SU15B ?

Looking at the pic thats not the LatinVFR scenery. I have the one from LVFR that I bought at the msfs store. That Scenery is the General Scenery.

Hi @LuRoCkPR
With your LVFR TSJS Airport addon that you purchased from the marketplace removed, you still see the trees - is that correct?

The pink textures indicate a missing texture. Are these textures on scenery items that are part of the LVFR TSJS Airport addon package?

No when unistalling the airport, everything looks good it only happens when I install LVFR from the msfs content manager.

Yes, the pink textures were really all over the place.

@LuRoCkPR & @UnitedArt
It sounds like the problem lies with the LVFR TSJS Airport addon. Does LVFR have a customer support website that you could contact?

I believe this is were you can reach them.

Thanks I will check

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FYI if you find yourself here when trying to solve issues with lumpy, misaligned terrain, misaligned localizers, and duplicated gates/runways in the world menu, I made a post here with a fix. Long story short: installing stuff from the Marketplace is janky, but there is a fix:

With MSFS running:

  1. In the main menu, click Options
  2. Click General Options
  3. Click Experimental
  4. On this menu, you will see “Package Reorder Tool”. Switch it to “ON”
  5. A new window will appear. Here you will see a list of packages you have installed.
  6. Find “lvfr-tjsj” in this list. If you have the above issues, it’s likely to be somewhere in the middle of the list. The packages are ordered by precedence, with the ones toward the bottom overriding/loading AFTER the ones listed toward the top of the list.
  7. Ensure “lvfr-tjsj” loads later in the list by clicking the down arrow next to it. If you use Navigraph, make sure it’s “higher” than those. “navigraph-navdata-base” and “navigraph-navdata” should be the last items on this list. I have “lvfr-tjsj” with a weight of 0, appearing just above the navigraph packages. TJSJ just has to be a higher number than the microsoft/asobo default packages (which, for me, are all -100).

Once you do that, simply flip the Package Reorder Tool back to off, Apply and Save, and you should be good to go: no more duplicate gates, no more lumpy terrain, no more misaligned localizers.