TNCM / TFFG issues!

Hello ,
I have tried to load a flight at Tncm and Tffg and i got an immediate CTD !
This happened after the latest Update !!
I checked inside the folder and i Rename the Materials folder into TNCM_mymaterials .
No more CTD ! But i lost all of my Taxiway markings …
Any idea how can i solve this issue ?

Thank you
Mike Georgiou

Unfortunately you hit a known issue with the 3rd parties airports, which use same folder names for materials, leading to a CTD
You very likely have another airport with same mymaterials name somewhere

So renaming the folder as you did is fine
But you need also to update the layout.json file with the new name you assigned to the folder. Use a text editor for that
There’s also a utility that build the layout.json for you, it’s called MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe, just search the forum here aand you will find the download link

awdesigns need to update their package ASAP for this issue


Hello Pieloth ! Thank you very much for your assistance !

Unfortunately i am unable to update the layout.json ! ( Actually i do not know how to it !) .

I try to rename : layout to TNCM_mymaterials ( Do i need to do something else ? )

Definitely the Developers should Update Asap their products whenever there is an Update !!


In the root folder for awdesigns-tncm, there is a materialLibs subfolder
Under materialLibs subfolder is a textures subfolder
You should change the name of the textures subfolder to something like:

Then, in the root awdesigns-tncm folder, there’s a layout.json file
Open it with a text editor or notepad
Change any occurence of

Be careful to keep the rest of text for each line changed

If you mess it up, just delete the complete awdesigns-tncm folder and redownload it from your profile content manager in MSFS


So many entries !!
I made it … Thank you very much for your help Pieloth , much appreciated !
Everything is working Perfect now :smiley:


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Please also contact the developer directly.

FYI, just sent an email to AW Designs about this issue

Let’s see if it gets fixed


Just a follow up

Got in touch with Air Worthy Designs, a fix update for TNCM/TFFG is under preparation :crossed_fingers:

Keep you posted


Thank you !

22 days ago and still nothing

Just sent a new message to Airworthy Designs

Apparently, the guy changed his mind, and does not want to create an update, so he throws the ball to Asobo, arguing this is Asobo’s fault if his airport CTDs :slightly_frowning_face:

Unfortunately, another case of a lazy dev and quick money maker, dropping out his marketplace product and leaving the community to cope with that :frowning:

Here is his answer:

Hello, there will be no new version issued until this ctd problem is addressed by Asobo, as the proposed ‘hotfix’ has not always been successful in resolving the loading crashes because of this we dont want do issue a fix just to get it undone in a later version

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You’re right wish i could ask for a refund, but thanks for all your help.

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Try Ctrl+H - it helps!


If you ever get to Greensboro NC, I’m buying you a beer! I was having this issue yesterday (hadn’t flown here in a while), and was able to replicate a CTD in exactly the same spot on approach each time. I deleted the addon and landed fine. By then, I was tired and decided to troubleshoot when I got up this morning. Got a CTD trying to start at TNCM, so I came here. I applied the fix exactly as you said, right down to the folder name. The only difference was that I moved the layout json to the desktop and used an auto-json app to replace then entire file. That way, I know for a fact that everything is current. My Caribbean paradise is now back to normal and I can keep delivering party-goers to the Sunset Bar & Grill!

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Thank you so much, you just taught me something which made me life much easier!

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So much appreciated. I was having issues with AWD TNCM in SU5, you fixed it!

Well. So the community has to fix your scenery Air Worthy Designs, coz you dont want to update it ? Hmmm. Lazy dev indeed. Shame on you !


What app did you use to make the json file?

Odd… I can’t find it anywhere now. There was a thread here, but it’s been deleted.

I did a little searching and found one that seems to work well. You just drag the addon folder onto the exe’s icon and it regenerates a new layout.json file.