To anyone who uses Self Loading Cargo addon - how do you find it?

Hi all,

I’ve read the blurb and watched the videos - looks promising. Its not expensive but looks like it could add a lot in terms of enjoyment/ atmosphere.

Just wondered if other forum members would recommend it? Does it play well with MFS currently?

One specific question: having paid/downloaded it once, could I use the same addon with (eg) FSX without paying again if I so chose?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Yes it works perfect also work FSX you only need to download for MFS2020 FSUIPC7 Beta.
Run the FSUIPC.exe and self loading Cargo is working.

If you buy self Loading Cargo you have the license for the Programm and the programm is working with all compatible sims.

Thanks for answering my question about compatibility! Does it add significant enjoyment to your experience?