To hide the 3D virtual panel

Hello everyone, is there any option pressing a key to hide the 3D virtual panel ?

There’s an option in the settings to activate home cockpit mode.

Which didn’t work for me so far - or did it get repaired recently?

at the moment it doesn’t work for anyone
it will probably work with some future updates, when asobo will break something else…

you probably need to set up a custom camera that’s “outside” of the cockpit.

Unless, like me, your custom cameras don’t work! Ever!

I did this long ago. However, I always feel a bit uneasy with the feeling of the propeller a few cm behind my back. :grin:

This cheap workaround shouldn’t relieve Asobo from providing a clean working solution, should it?

you can use this new mods :wink:

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This is very useful, I hope frangollo will add a few more planes to the collection.

thank you, I finally achieve it thanks to the help of neo. I’m now preparing the views for 320. cordial greetings

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i realized now :slight_smile:
I replied frangollo telling him to use his mod :joy:

yeeeees thank you G14NLV :wink: :innocent: :joy:

CAMERAS_A320_WITHOUT_CABIN_V1.1 • Flight Simulator 2020

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