To the most vocal community members: I am … confused

What do you expect seriously when back in SU2 or 3 when all hell was breaking loose because of CTD’s and problems with the program were at their worst for many the most voted topic here in the forums was to remove the “press to continue” key. This voting system has to show you that the majority of people are not having issues with MSFS2020 but just want refinements to what they have.

It’s easy to say… hey there are serious issues that need fixing, but when you see the voted topics, you get a real sense of where the majority of people sit with regards to this program.

Don’t get me wrong… Since launch last year, I have flown every day and never had a failed flight, OK theres a few things I would like fixed and a few things that I would like improved, but fundamentally, it’s been pretty much rock solid, and even SU5 only affected me with some lighting issues which were quickly corected in the hotfixes.

I was always aware of the fact this sim would take a couple of years to settle down and was and am prepared to wait for that… after all, by comparison to other simulators, we have already had more updates in a year than most of the others have received in their lifetime.

The other main issue you have is people reading comments… making interpretations and then quoting those as fact when actually they are not fact… the biggest example being DX12 was stated to be coming to PC with the XBox release. Deffinately false, but some now see this as an agenda item since it isn’t here yet.

I honestly believe that the only way to improve the voting system for this game, is to give every user 5 upvotes AMD 5 downvotes for each run through of the questions but until then… you are at the mercy of those that either can’t read, have agendas, or are happy with the basics :slight_smile:



Blimey I didn’t know my very simple question about cirrus clouds would cause so much controversy and so much anger. It’s just a quick question that sprang to mind that I thought I would ask. I put no thought into it at the time of posting, It’s a one line, throw away question that I thought might be worth asking.

I can’t believe how many of you are so angry that I asked this question and that you are putting so much effort into getting wound up about it. I am sorry that people can’t can’t just take it on face value. I just wondered if cirrus clouds were coming. That’s it. There is no more to it.


So did you ask for your money back? … apparently not and nor will you.
Serious simmers will simply carry one doing what they used to do and will return when MSFS is working correctly. You seem incapable of that decision.


thank you for saving me some keystrokes.

It’s okey we all have our questions and opinions no need to feel sorry we are all free to ask anything to the dev team.

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That statement is not very kind sir! I see myself as a person rather living with his heads in the clouds ;-).
From what I see happening on this forum, I see it a bit differently. I can name 10 or more members here who, rightly, say that they don’t experience the issues that some have, and then start asking for more details. But because the simmer in question often is already so frustrated and impatient that these questions are mistaken for ‘whitewashing by the fanboys’.

One other example: did you follow the many, many posts on the installation and upgrade process? Where sits that issue on the Q&A list? There actually was a rather tongue in cheek but great topic on this by the @Crunchmeister71 himself, and the CM’s chimed in on this topic to ask US houw we would want it so that Asobo could learn from this. How many reactions from the update-ranters? Zip.

So I would for fun like take on the challenge to see what’s really happening here. Are the positive or constructive posts smothered by negativity, or are the outtings of people who experience issues whitewashed by people who only say that they themselves have no issues and leave you with your issues without any help? I think that you’ll know what I would bet upon :wink:

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I am happy you asked the question, and judging by the votes, so are many others! All’s good!

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I’m not here often, but every time I run into what I’m talking about, you can expect to see your name tagged in it. Don’t worry though, I’m used to being told things don’t happen or don’t exist because others haven’t experienced or seen it personally.


What makes you think that they do not already do this? As you probably know the CM’s have posted many times that they appreciate our posts here and that they and Asobo are following.

The issue that you don’t seem to take into account here is that we don’t know anything about the Program Management aspect of this simulator. The fact that your points don’t seem to be prioritized correctly does not mean that Asobo is not aware about these issues or don’t care. To me this means that they have not of cannot take the time to solve those at this point in time. Again: we don’t know the forces that press the planning into wat we see at the moment. The only thing that we can do is vote!

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This is a flight sim forum not a political bandstand

And I wasn’t making it one. It was a comparison and I stand on that.

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No matter how much I might agree with you such comparisons are not neccessary here.

What is flying if it’s not about scenery and travel?

Are these “simmers” actually real pilots or people who dream of piloting one day?

Strange situation

Yes and before I posted someone already created a topic about IFR in general, so in progress I would say. Haven’t checked the amount of votes it has though.

It’s all under the I haven’t seen it so it doesn’t happen umbrella.


Hi everyone,

I’ve temporarily closed this topic as it has generated a lot of community flags that we need to resolve.

Thanks for your patience


This thread has now been reopened. Please refrain from posting comments about each other, or taking the thread towards off topic/personal arguments, to avoid further community flags and us having to consider closing the thread.

I must also remind everyone that as per the dev Q&A rules, petitioning for votes is not allowed.

The reason could well be as simple ashe way the forum latest/top works and the way we tend to browse topics through mobile devices seems to bury threads really quickly.

If a discussion kicks off within a thread the updates will keep kicking the thread to the top of the list. Chances are that the discussion may not even be directly related to the detail of the vote topic…but still it’s getting kicked to the top of the pile.

Visibility = votes