To the most vocal community members: I am … confused

Past year I have read hundreds and hundreds posts filled with complaints, rants, suspicion, threats, you name it. The reason: some aspect of MSFS2020 didn’t live up to expectations.

Since a few days @Jummivana has opened a thread to collect the most pressing questions for the next Q&A.

Which question sits on top?
“When will we have Cirrus clouds” with 165 votes, and counting.
Cirrus clouds? Is this really the single most important thing to add?

When we scroll down the list we get to see ATC, and weather, fair enough.

Again further down: hey: Ray tracing, dlss, lod. So visuals, visuals and more visuals.

But (and this is in no way because it happens to be my own contribution) a question about whether the sim will use all PC power again now the XBox has been released, which was the talk of the town since July 27th? A meager 55 votes.

Questions about IFR (the holy grail for ‘serious simmers), about the ‘unrealistic flight model’, the ‘inaccuracy’ of the planes, the update process. All aspects about which a large amount of negative and critical posts were written here. Hardly any votes.

What has a lot of votes? Questions regarding Asobo having to explain the beta testing (loaded question), having to ‘reassure’ the community on the future quality. Because that is what many seem to like. Nothing seems to satisfy more than a public reckoning on the (now digital) market place, it seems.

So my question is: where are you when you previously posted ‘I know how Asobo should do or improve their work’, ‘I know what is wrong’, ‘how could they put this on the market’, ‘they are only in it for my money’, and the usual other posts…

I don’t see you in this topic. To me this means that you are maybe only here to ventilate your negativity on this forum, but don’t want to put in the energy to be part of the solution. After seeing how the mentioned thread develops, namely mainly visual optimizations, I have difficulty taking a lot of negative posts here seriously anymore.


Well personally, I can’t get over the fact that “I miss trains” is the 2nd most voted topic on the wish-list. It’s a flight sim and the 2nd most important thing people want is trains???

I think cirrus clouds are more important than trains myself. Cheers.


With that, I agree :laughing:


Well said :facepunch:


the problem is the “most voted” system doesnt actually work. Its just an echo chamber for a small minority of the sim community who are active on this forum. Heck, I joined here just a year after the sims been out despite using it from day 1.

There are a ton of more basic and fundamental issues that need fixing before some of the things you’ve mentioned from the voted list need implementing or fixing. In reality they should take a step back and sort out everything thats in the sim so far and make it work correctly and then progress to new features…


Not sure we need such a long and somewhat provocative OP. Why not just advise people to go to the link below, sort the list by votes from high to low, and follow the guidelines in the first post at the end of the list. Lots of people have not voted and maybe did not know they could vote or were not sure how to vote.


If Bugs aren’t being squashed what Hope do features or wishes have of becoming a reality?

E.g. Replay functionality…. Duh……

I will admit to having a rant on the odd occasion :raised_hands:…only because with a lot or most of the updates so far we have encountered untold problems, and all I want to do is just to go flying. CTD’s, non functioning aircraft which worked perfectly well before the updates and more. I have never requested a major change…but Asobo and Microsoft have made massive changes to the original release which was pure eye candy. We cannot say that anymore and all I ask is that with their future updates, that they do not throw a spanner into the works as they did in SU5. It’s Simple.


Letting the “more vocal” community dictate the development agenda has been Asobo’s biggest mistake. There should have been a filter on the wishlist that ranked items by their importance to the primary objective of a flight simulator e.g. Trains vs. Accurate flight model?!!


There’s a huge part of people suffering from instability and that barely gets any traction on official threads because of the “it’s your problem” gang. That just goes to show how brainless this “community” is. I’ve said it once and said it again: MS released a screenshot simulator that doesn’t work the majority of times. Everything else is marketing drivel.


I totally agree :+1: with the OP.


Simple solution: 2-Questions-Poll:

Do you want your MSFS2020 to be:
A. a Flight Simulator “as real as it gets”
B. a Game for flying around in VFR for sightseeing and gaining points with Activities and Challenges.


Hi all, I have been with msfs2020 since launch and fsx for year prior. All I know is that when msfs launched it was awsome beatiful graphics and it run fine. Up to SU 4 it was breathtaking. Everytime I turned it on I really looked forward to playing it, it was “as good as it gets” and more. Since SU5 I don’t think I’ve completed a flight yet without bugs or CTD’s and the graphics are no where near the brilliant graphics we once had. It’s a real shame, it has now become just an ordinary game instead of the awsome sim it was.


Your right, becasue i think the people wnat here more visuals and lesser physics or soemthing else. trains are so important or raytraycing, irony off. And i think when you want realistic flightphysics we have to switch to xp 11 back. because the msfs 2020 is to me more a game with which you can fly a fast round after work. And the xp11 ist to me a simulator but with lesser graphics. but every have to ask him self what he want. want i the best grapphics and i am cool wit the compromise of the lesser physik then go with the msfs 2020. would you have a functional airplane and ap and good physics are important for you go with the xp 11.And my choice was the lesser physik and the good graphics so i use the msfs 2020.

MSFS = Visuals first
XP11 = Physics first

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I mean the simulator is fairly new of course right now it won’t live up to everyone’s expectations until its a little older we barley have made it through a year yet it will take time until certain features and updates will be implemented etc. I’m already thankful for Asobos great transparency with its community which is good.

Many people say that AVSIM is a horrible forum with whining old men, but my experience is that it is much worse over here.


Yes of course and i think it need more time to get improved. most of us expect that the msfs 2020 works from day one perfectlys wirth no issues.

God alone knows.

The log file, which is IMO the second most important thing after either caching the install files or an install verify so you can reinstall in under two days, has precisely 13 votes.

TBH, anyone with a developer background should be screaming “LOG FILE” at Asobo.


I just hope that in the future instead of putting negativity into the forums we can come together as a community and report our issues and feedback on certain things and let Asobo know in a more respectful way.


Well… to put a little nuance on top of your statement here. Have you actually seen how many of these instabilities simply went away after people uninstalled/moved some incompatible third party stuff? I saw a post here from someone who was fuming about instability. Appears that he had 800+ (that’s more than eight hundred) add ons.
My question is if all the ranters really want to take the time to maintain their sim with all the complex interactions between different add ons in the current state of maturity of the sim?

The answer sometimes (often?) seems to be no, I just want that it works and I just want to fly with all my stuff because without it it is unflyable…. Many complaints about instability are directly directed towards Asobo.

For me, I would only opt for two or three add ons from renowned companies and stick with that for a year or so.

And as for the other part if your post. There is no ‘gang’ here. There actually are a lot of people here wanting to help others out. And as with every support interaction these people need to find out where the poster comes from by asking some trivial questions first. No whitewashing intended, just friendly people putting in their time to help others.

The other way around it surely happens a lot. Some OP wants to share their happy (and sometimes even emotional) moments with the sim and these outings get smothered by complainers from post three or four. Even the very friendly post about wishing MicroSobo a happy first birthday got derailed and temporarily closed because of that. This proves to me that some people think: when I am not happy, others may not be happy also.