To those of you with missing custom jetways

I believe I found a way of bringing back your custom jetways in payware scenery…at least it works for me!

Enable dev mode

go to Options display models lod

check (force active lod) uncheck other options

then save your settings under the devmode options

all airports now have their jetways and ground handling stuff back! at least for me LOL!

I believe all the payware designers are updating their sceneries to make them xbox compatible because of the LOD changes!


Thanks it worked for me

You are a legend mate, worked for me, after a restart! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Do I need to stay in Dev mode, or can I go abck to "normal " mode after doing this?

Seems that I have to repeat this every time I start a session. Even though I hit save settings it seems it does not save.


No, you can leave devmode.

I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t have to be doing this to see such basic things, jetways.

This should be fixed ASAP.

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Agree! This should of been caught before release…

That is probably only possible on the PC right? have the Xbox and the gates in Zurich are not displayed here

They are working on addressing the LOD caching issue for World Update 6 due in 24 August.

I thought they were fixing the jetways with this hotfix? So we have to live with messed up airports until Aug 24th?

After reading this thread I did the manipulation in DEV mode, closed MSFS, deleted the cache, and re-activated it for 8 Gb only (personnal preference), and jumped back to LEIB by simwings and welll…still no jetways… :frowning:

I don’t know what else to do ? I hope Asobo will fix it

Thanks for the workaround. It worked for me but the settings of force active lod doesnt stay even if i save my dev mode. So I have to do this every time when i start a flight. Is anyone having the same issue with me? How can you save the settings under dev mode?

You can’t save it. It is an extra step for me now, to load the sim in the middle of the ocean, force active LOD save it, close the flight and then start the normal flight. again.

If I load the sim in KMIA for exmaple and activate the LOD it still wont show the jetways until I reload back into the flight, so I just load in the middle of the ocean to quicken the process.


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