Tobii 5 conflict with TrackIR


I just bought Logitech Headset G733 and when I turn on the headset to start my flight Tobii 5 stops working. I use Tobbi for Microsoft Flight simulator 2020. When the headset is off the eye tracker works fine.

I contacted Tobbi and this is what I got:

"Unfortunately, this is a known issue that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will prioritize the headset over our eye tracker. So once you turn on the headset, the game will prioritize recognizing it and list it in Control Devices as “TrackIR”, then our eye tracker will stop working.

Currently, we do not have a solution for it since it relates to game recognition.
Sorry about this."

Any other options here that can help me use both Tobbi and the Headset at the same time?


Strange. I have a Corsair HS80 headset and have no problems with Tobii.
It uses a wireless connection similar to your Logitech. TheCorsair connects to and is configured through their app (iCue) and not by Windows. I wonder if that’s the difference.

This might be a longshot, but I wonder if running OpenTrack and setting its input to your Tobii Eye Tracker would cause it to become prioritized higher and work? You can download OpenTrack here: Release opentrack 2023.3.0 · opentrack/opentrack · GitHub (scroll a bit down to the list of files and get the installer .exe), install that, the once it’s open, choose the Tobii from the list on the left:

Once in sim, just click Start in OpenTrack and see if it works with your headset also active.

If it doesn’t work, no harm done just uninstall OpenTrack, but honestly Tobii is much better with OpenTrack as it solves some of the shortcomings of the Eye Tracker.

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