Tobii 5 Eye Tracker - Stops Working in Windowed Mode (When Window Gets Minimized)

Everyone who has the Tobii has this issue, yet haven’t heard a word since I contacted the devs at the beginning of this thread.

I’m having a similar problem but it’s a little different. For whatever reason, going between full/windowed/minimized doesn’t seem to cause an issue but…
if I touch my tablet that’s running an Air Manager instrument panel via Spacedesk, it kills the Tobii tracking. Curiously, the Tobii control settings are still there in the controls menu but I also get a new entry called Track IR in the controls menu.

It takes a restart of the sim to recover the Tobii.

We are having problems replicating this issue. For users experiencing this can you describe your exact repro steps again so we can validate if we are trying to reproduce this correctly?

  1. Open sim, spawn at any airport.
  2. Ensure Tobii eye tracking is on
  3. Minimize the window (if you’re in full screen you have the go into windowed mode first)
  4. Re-maximize the window and try to start tobii eyetracking - it stops working.

The only way to remedy is to completely exit out of MSFS and start all over.

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I also provided screenshots a few posts above showing what the aftermath looks like after minimizing in the Control Options.